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NHL Fines Tom Wilson $5000 For Instigating INSANE Brawl vs Rangers

Capitals' repeat offender Tom Wilson was back to his old antics last night when Washington played the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. After a strong shift in the offensive zone for New York and a little hack at the Caps tendy, Wilson cross-checked a defenseless Pavel Buchnevich in the back of the neck, sparking a massive brawl. Wilson then proceeded to slam former Hart trophy finalist Artemi Panarin (aka "The Breadman") to the ice.

Watch this video and tell me what you see. IT'S CLOSER TO WWE THAN HOCKEY!!!! I see Wilson flexing in the penalty box... he's such a tough guy! Made a cheap shot on Buchnevich and was able to answer for it by taking down one of the smallest players in the league! Great job! Real class act, eh buddy? Ridiculous!

Here's something even more ridiculous:

The NHL Department of Player Safety only gave him a $5000 fine! George Parros better be calling in his own resignation, because otherwise the hockey world is going to eat him alive. Tom Wilson needs to understand that he could have ended Panarin's career. There is no place for that in our game. Wilson has been fined before and he's been given short-term suspensions before. He still hasn't learned! The NHL needs to put their foot down and say, "THIS IS NOT OKAY".

What do you guys think? Comment below what punishment you think would be justified.

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