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The New York Rangers Kid Line

The New York Rangers have gone a lot further than I thought they could this postseason (see my playoff pretender post) and I believe the Kid Line is a huge reason why.

Alexis Lafreniere, Filip Chytil and Kaapo Kakko have been awesome in the Rangers' playoff run so far. The kids are the only Rangers line with an on-ice expected goal percentage of over 50%. More importantly, the Rangers are responsible for 67% of the goals when the Kid Line is on the ice!

Here is a Series-by-Series Breakdown of the Kid Line These Playoffs:

New York Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins

  • In the Rangers' first-round matchup against Pittsburgh, while the Kid Line was dominated in scoring chances, they were very opportunistic with getting on the board

  • Alexis Lafreniere had a particularly strong series, putting up 2 goals and 2 assists for 4 points in the seven games

New York Rangers vs Carolina Hurricanes

  • The Kid Line made their presence felt against an exceptionally deep Hurricanes team

  • The Rangers were able to score 78% of the goals and control an incredible 61.09% of the expected goal share when the kids were on the ice despite them being matched up against the Niederreiter line

  • This time it was Filip Chytil with the monster performance- he scored 4 goals

New York Rangers vs Tampa Bay Lightning

  • The Kid Line has had a mixed bag of performances against the two-time defending champs so far

  • The kids dominated the Hagel-Paul-Colton line in Games 2 and 3 but left much to be desired in Games 1 and 4


🏆 What are your thoughts on the Kid Line in these playoffs? 🏆

🔥 Do you think their strong play will continue? 🔥

Make sure to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Jun 24, 2022

Whoop whoop rangers!!!

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