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The Next Great Hockey Blog Productions

Showcasing the next generation of talented, young hockey players with photos, graphic designs and highlight reels.

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What Do Photos, Graphics and Highlight Reels Do For a Young Hockey Player?

While posting a graphic or sending a highlight reel to a scout won't make or break you as a player, scouts look at a lot of players and usually only get to see a small sample size for each player. It is easy for good players to drop or fall through the cracks entirely in drafts, even at the highest levels. Having a fresh, easily accessible highlight reel at your disposal is an awesome way to ensure people know your upside as a player and helps develop name recognition. Once people know who you are and what you can potentially offer, they are more likely to come to more games and see if you are a strong fit for their team.

Pre-Season Packages


Photos- $50.00/event

All photos from the event will be edited and given to the player digitally.


Graphic Design- $30.00/design

All graphic designs are specially customized for the player and as a result, prices can vary.


Highlight Reel- $300.00/~3 events

We offer a Basic Introductory Video package where we come to shoot video at ~3 different events to collect content for the highlight reel. Additional events are $50.00 each.

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